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Sprint Checklist

Article written by Sreenivas Mothukuru

After working for many years on projects developed using Agile (Scrum) I came up with below sprint checklist (3 week sprint). Please go over below items and help me fine tune the checklist. Thank you!

Before Sprint Starts 1 Book conference room for backlog grooming meeting 2 Review prioritized user stories in product backlog before attending backlog grooming meeting 3 Attend backlog grooming meeting 4 Book conference room for sprint planning meeting
Day 1 5 Review user stories in sprint backlog before planning meeting 6

How to LEAD a team without actually being a BOSS?

Article written by Sreenivas Mothukuru

During college days most of the students spend lots and lots of time in reading, writing, understanding & memorizing tons of information to perform well in semester exams. For many, these efforts are just to get good percentages so as to come under corporate recruitment scanner. After completion of exams and once the person is recruited in any corporate office s(he) will experience the strange shift from college to professional life. I call it a unique once in a life time experience. During the initial days, s(he) will be asked to understand product and process to perform betteras an individual contributor. Few years later the same person will be challenged with additional responsibilities w.r.t. the role.

A shift in role from ‘individual contributor’ to ‘boss’ has a lot to do with the responsibilities they handle.

In general individual contributors
a) are responsible for their own actions
b) they don’t have to manage people
c) they can easily …