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Article written by Sreenivas Mothukuru

How to make a line look shorter?

The title of the post is correct and you are reading it correctly. When you are given a line with some length (say 5 inches) how can you reduce the line or make it look shorter without physically touching the line? If you know the correct answer you will not only solve this puzzle but also you can solve some problems/puzzles in life. Now, you might be thinking ... “in what way this puzzle is related to solving real time problems in life”!
Irrespective of the region, gender, age, society, culture, status, etc. the most common and inevitable thing which everybody experience at some or other point in life is problem or difficulty or trouble or bad moments. The magnitude of problem might vary from person to person, but on the whole problem is always a problem whether it is big or small. However, by being intelligent and smart we can avoid a few problems, but not all. These days we see many young intelligent guys & gals going for higher studies and pursuing Bachelors, Masters, PhD, etc. degrees with good percentages. Year after year literacy rate in increasing steadily, but most of the people still lack the skills to manage certain situations in life and fail to make better future. In short, being intelligent alone doesn’t solve all problems. Then, what is required to tackle tough situations in life and make any problem (line) look smaller or negligible?

Let's take a look at some common problems ...
  • A team member is been harassed by his lead/manager at office [@Corporate Offices].
  • A girl /boy is been ditched by his/her boyfriend/girlfriend [@Teen Age].
  • Young MBA, MS, M. Tech, Ph. d, etc. aspirants failed to get a good rank in first attempt [@College Level].
What people generally do in such situation?
Most of the people run away from problems ... by
"quitting the job", "physically / verbally abusing the person", "Self-destruction", "staying in isolation", "stop studies", "ignoring the problem", "depression", "abscond", etc. None of the above activities make you feel proud or solve problem.
When a person feel uneasy he must simply ask below questions to self

WHAT is the problem?
WHERE is the root cause?
WHY is it bothering me?
HOW to fix it?

Prior to all one must
show positive attitude to ride on top of the tide and think for possible solution(s) to handle the situation.

In general, knowing the problem solves 50% of the problem. Understanding the problem solves another 25% of the problem and with good attitude and better solution(s) solves remaining 25% of the problem.

Assume that your problem with some magnitude as a line with some length. Now we can reduce the problem by working hard and doing something large (i.e. drawing a line much bigger) so as to make the previous problem look shorter or negligible.


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