From College Campus to Corporate Climate

When the last days of your college life approach and you are about to graduate, the most prominent thought that would be playing on your mind is about getting your first job. While students begin to get nostalgic about their last days at college and start cherishing the memories of time spent at college, the per-dominant remains about starting their career. It is the most important stage of life where a completely new beginning awaits you. The fun and carefree time of the college life would be replaced by the responsibility and worries of finding a job. The friends and the chit-chat with them would soon be replaced by colleagues and professional talk. The college canteen environment would soon be replaced by to-the-point office environment.

So, how do you cope with this transition to get settled in your first job? This is a question that every student encounters when he/she begins the career path. With a little help and advice, you can settle down well at your workplace even without any experience to boast about. You might have to restrain yourself in the beginning but that does not mean that you become a different person. Your workplace will be the place to shine your personality and hone your existent skills. If you use the opportunities presented at the workplace well, you will really succeed in making a mark on your first job.

At college, you were expecting to absorb knowledge and you spent years doing just that. Tests and exams were conducted every now and then and based on your understanding and knowledge you were judged. At your professional life, you would be expected to put that knowledge to practical use and how well you can do that will define your success at your job. Tests would not be occasional. In fact, everyday would be like a new test and your performance and conduct would be under the scanner each day by your seniors and supervisors. There may not be any formal exams but you would be working under tight deadlines most of the time and there would be little scope of error as your work would also impact the work of others if you are working in a team. Welcome to your first fresher job.

Now, to make the right impression in your first job and to live up to that impression you would need to pump in a lot of effort initially. A little advice can help you here as you proceed further. These small tips might sound insignificant but the fact remains that they will go a long way in cementing your position in your first job. These tips are about your general behavior and conduct at office and are not work-specific so they can apply to all fresher jobs across industries.

The first golden rule is that you remain punctual. Always arrive at the workplace on time. If you are seen as a latecomer, you might lose initial respect in the eyes of your boss and co-workers.

Stick to a fixed lunch hour and do not spend too much time taking breaks.

Do not be seen around wasting time on personal calls or just chatting away.

Dress appropriately. If there is a particular dress code at your workplace, follow it strictly. If the dressing sense is relaxed, make sure you still dress up decently and not like you are going to a college. Don't wear too casual or holiday-mood kind of clothes.

Another important thing that you must remember is that listening is a bigger virtue than speaking. So, listen, listen and still listen more.

Don't start throwing in your suggestions and comments
till you have fully understood how things work at your office.

Learn the rope of the game and observe as much as you can to understand how things have been working so far.

Avoid office gossip and mind your manners and etiquette at all times.

Look around for a mentor under whose guidance you can learn and prosper in your career.

Be inquisitive and ask questions to learn more. There is no harm in asking relevant questions.

Following these small tips, you will get settled in the corporate culture and get a good head start for yourself. Thus, your first job will become a perfect launch pad for your career.
All the best for your bright future :)
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  1. Completely Correct. 1 cent from me. When you have finished your work early or you are not given any task for that day, Just don't browse any thing rather like FB or Youtube. Instead read a books.


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