Time Management Matrix

Typically in an Agile environment team members provide commitment to User Stories and work in a collaborative manner leveraging tools/technologies to meet deliverable/timelines. Although collaboration and commitments are important ... Planning plays a major role in successive delivery of User Stories. I've seen many accounts/teams doing good planning at Release & Story/Iteration level, but quite often overlook planning at individual level and tend to overdo things or stay late to finish (unplanned) work. When time is constant and work is variable it is very important for individuals to efficiently manage work within Sprints. But, how?

- Go over "Time Management matrix - Activities" and "Time Management matrix - Results" sections to understand Important/Unimportant Vs Urgent/Not Urgent activities.
-  Use "Planning Form" to manage your time.

Still, if you find any difficulty in managing your work I recommend you talk to your Scrum Master (in Agile) or Lead / Manager (Traditional methodology) not to address the problem, but to fix the root cause.

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities” - Stephen R. Covey
- Sreenivas Mothukuru


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    if you are interested in a convenient and free software solution for using the time management matrix, the following link might be interesting for you:

    TasksOnSteroid's LifeQuadrants is specifically designed to optimally support the user in the application of the time management matrix.


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    Thanks for the English version. Site/service looks interesting. I'll definitely make my time and will explore it further in coming days.

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