Speed Thrills But Kills ... Is that true?

“Speed thrills but kills” … Is that true? Not always! Let me share my experience on this.

It was Friday evening, I finished all my pending tasks and done with emails related work. Now, the plan is to attend a function organized by my school friend. Good thing is ... function hall is a few miles away from my office and bad thing is ... I don’t have either bike or car to reach function hall. I was in a dilemma whether to attend or skip the event. While I was thinking about this one of my team members (Sandeep Munukutla) came to my workplace, he was about to leave. We had a quick chat and during the conversation I came to know that he is taking the same route which I planned initially. What a coincidence! I requested him to drop me near the function hall, for which he agreed :)

We both started from office and within no time he dropped me at function hall. But, those few minutes’ of journey and quick chat with him during & after journey made me think this way

1) Speed thrills but kills
) Speed thrills but keep you focused (Very interesting)

The speed at which he drove his bike was in fact mind blowing and death defining moment for me! After reaching destination I prayed god for my safe journey and thanked Sandeep for his help. From that day onwards I've become extra cautious while driving and I also suggested Sandeep to be careful while driving, because “Speed thrills but ****” (Lesson#1)

In reply to my suggestion, Sandeep gently said that he is more comfortable driving at high speed. According to him, when he drives at high speed he only need to watch the vehicles which are in front of him and he don't need to bother about the vehicles which follow him. Interesting thought! (Lesson#2)

Sometimes certain unexpected situations and casual discussions with people around us make us feel what we are and help us know what we can do in a better way. In fact, this situation helped me to think in a different way and made me corelate with my work style. "What if I increase my pace while contributing to day to day activities (@ home / Project / Team / Organization) by taking initiations and by doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way?". This incident encouraged me to work with at most care and at incomparable speed so that I only need to focus on my goal and the path I’ve chosen ignoring the people who are left behind.

In short, 'speed thrills but kills' only when you are on roads. But, the same speed in real life (i.e. at home/work place) thrill us and keep us focused (conditions apply). Now it is up to you to choose when/where to increase the pace in life.



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