Tribute to Nirbhaya!

Twitter @wild_pepper: "In a real sense, India has died a thousand deaths today. In her death, she lives. In her death, India lives with shame. RIP #nirbhaya"

Let us pray that no other girl in this world will ever face the brutality and the inhuman act that Nirbhaya suffered leading to her painful death. I salute to her bravery and strength she showed for the past 13 days. I am paying tribute to her by not celebrating the New Year's Eve and appeal to my friends & family to Boycott Republic Day to show some form of tribute, respect and anger in observation of Nirbhaya's death. Everyone can feel the pain and misery Nirbhaya went through if you could associate her to your mother or sister.

"Yes, a sensible and peaceful way to express your anger is "boycott." Mahatma Gandhi shook the British empire through "non cooperation."

Which means, do not go to India Gate on 26 January to hear the prime minister's speech (does he really speak loud enough?); do not go to any political rally in your city. At the same time be ready to sacrifice at least one day throughout the country by not bribing the policemen, passport clerks, ticket collectors, and so on.

Just declare one day for people's cooperation against the ineffective political, police, and bureaucratic system.

Jai Hind!

One of my New Year Resolutions: I swear that I don't vote for Congress party any time in future. I can compromised myself when political system fails, but cannot compromise when individual’s (our daughters, sisters, loved ones) life is compromised :(

INCREDIBLE GOVERNMENT: A government where Daughters are neither safe inside WOMB nor OUTSIDE.


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