Wings of Wisdom (WoW)

Article written by Sreenivas Mothukuru

Any company is a combination of people with various skill sets and different work experiences. However, it doesn't matter how many competent employees a company have unless they come out and share their wisdom with others. 

It is not about sharing knowledge about Java or SQL or Selenium ... It's all about learning from others experiences (i.e. what worked well and what didn't). 

The purpose of "WoW" is to push Senior staff to share their rich worth sharing experiences within specified time (15 minutes) with others. At the max. four members can share their experiences in an hour. This way people who attend the talk will know new concepts / ideas / solutions within an hour. If any  listener is interested to know further they can meet the presenter offline. This event can happen once every month / quarter / once or twice a year. Frequency of the event will largely depends on team member's learning curve at office and "willing to share" attitude. The more team members learn (year after year) the more will be frequency of such events.

If nobody comes forward then management can safely assume that either team members are not learning much or not willing to share knowledge with others (which is a serious problem).

This way employees working in a company can learn more, choose better options,
avoid a few pitfalls, change for betterment, etc. from others experiences so as to become good employees.

Good employees make better companies, better companies make best nations!



  1. This is too good. I will start implementing it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Ravi :)

  2. Thank you, Ravindranath!

    Please let me know your experience while implementing this and do share your valuable feedback after couple of months :)

    I'll wait for your reply.



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