My Last Working Day at UOL

“Last Working Day” User Story (inspired by Agile)*:
Description: As a Team Leader, I would like to move on with the rich experience & exposure gained here at UOL, so that I can improve self and the following company substantially over a period of time.

Acceptance Criteria:
1) Meet and greet people.
2) Acknowledge present and past colleagues with whom I worked.
3) Complete all relieving formalities.
4) Send this email L
5) Pick personal belongings and leave the office premise.

* ’ User Story’ is equivalent to Software Requirement Specifications in traditional software development models.

My career at UOL started as Member Technical in Production Engineering team (maintenance projects), continued with Senior Quality Engineer in Strategic team (long term projects) and now as Team Leader in Agile teams (Scrum & Kanban). After a long time (i.e. close to 10 years at UOL) ... I made up my mind and decided to move on for better prospects in my professional career. Today is my last working day. Honestly speaking, this company has given me more than enough and it is the sole reason for whatever I’m right now. It has been a fantastic journey with great learning experience where I’ve enjoyed each and every moment. I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with each of you with whom I’ve interacted.

I would like to acknowledge and extend my heartfelt gratitude to the following people who helped me in shaping my career at UOL: MVK, Bala Kishore, Renuka, Krishnan, Jayapal and Ravi Krishna.

Thanks to Ratnakar & team for creating employee friendly and homely atmosphere at office. Thanks to Nageswara Rao for being nice with me and for ensuring our salaries are deposited in time J Thanks to Anil K & team for providing better systems infrastructure which helped me work seamlessly. I still remember my joining day (i.e. 4thApril 2005), when Sheetal (then HR) took me around office and introduced me to all leads and managers. Thanks to Harini for making me comfortable when I approached UOL office for the first time for an interview and similar soft nature continued with Varnika. It was a decent act from Sheetal and Harini though I was insignificant, but it had created a significant image on this company. Small things make big difference!

Thanks to my close colleagues (Anil Nadella, Praveen Singh, Phanibhushan, Sri Ram, Arun Varadarajan, Kiran Inturi and Vaibhav Dutt) for keeping together and encouraging me at all times.

Thanks to all my “now and then” team who made my stay really wonderful.
My NOW QA team: Durga Prasad, Ashok, Archana, Suhasini, Chandana, Ravikanth, Kumar Anand, Jyothi, Vinay Kumar.
My NOW Scrum team: Geethika, Alamelu, Rajani, Poosa Anand, Sunil Kumar, KrishnaKanth.
My THEN Classmates QA team: Raveendra T, Krishnaveni, Anil Uppala, Anil Madineni, Devi C, Vikranth, Bharani, Praneetha, Lakshmi, Keshav, Ravi Sankar, Gopal, Pradeep, Naveen, Kashiram, Balakrishna, Raveenda Babu, Madhu Kiran, Krishna M, Sandhya, Sravani, Rajani T, Srinivas D, Shiva Chandar, Koti Reddy, Srikar, Nagaraju, Manoj, Deepthi, Bhima Raju, Praveen Bandari, Praveen G, Sulakshana, Kalyani, Kiran Rapaka, Anupama, Shalini, Punnya Koti, Sireesha, Navya, Saurav and Karthikeyan.
My NOW & THEN colleagues: Ranga, Srinath, Santosh M, Manoj, Veeraiah K, Tarak, Murali P, Gajendra, Siva Reddy, Ravindran N, Sailaja, OPM, Kishore, Raja P, Vijay, Kalyan, Satya, Sateesan, Haritha, Vandana, Prem C, Parthiban, Vamshi Krishna, Krishna Pothula, Laxman M, SriRam T, Naresh, Venkat, Aravind S, Padmasri K, Sandeep M, Piyush K, Teja B, Subbu, Samba, Hanumanth M, Hanumanth S, Abinaya M, Mahender B, Chaithaya I, Saiprasad R, Subramanyeswara B, Vinay, Vijay, etc.
My Now and Then Seattle 
colleagues: Janardhan, Karthik Anand, Payal P, Felicia B, Erin K, Khan Klatt, Shiva V, Prakash V, Jacab B, Ujwala K, John S, Gerald, Eric G, Stella N, Dat N, Janaki, Trang Vo, Suhasini P, Lea S, Kenn Cook, Mark Packard, etc. 

Thanks to housekeeping (Srinivas, Nagaraju, Sattaiah, Kalpana, Anil) and security team for keeping my workplace hygienic and secure 24/7.

And to my family and God, who made all things possible!

It was my pleasure knowing each and every one of you. Although, there were instances where I was bold and showed difference in opinion for professional reasons … I could maintain good relations with you all. In case, if I’ve unintentionally hurt anyone, please forgive me. Needless to say, please stay in touch. Even though I’ll miss you all, I’m looking forward to this new challenge and to start a new phase in my career. I wish you all the very best in life.

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Thanks and Regards,
“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

Classmates QA Team

Classmates HYD Site Services Team

Gift from HYD Site Services (Agile-Scrum) Team

Gift from QA Team

Gift from Pradeep Thota and Naveen Vadla


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