What Makes You The Best Manager?

Are you mentoring or leading or managing a team for a while?

If not, you have time to revisit this article later in future. Until then, go over below links:
               Sri Chanakya Niti Shastra Chapter 1

If yes, you are on the right page. As an individual contributor you might have done miracles in project or team. But, your past (experience and contributions) alone doesn't help you if you want to reach the next level in your profession. What got you here won’t get you there. Now, go over below points carefully and see which better explains your leadership style as a manager.

Characteristics of Best Manager: 
  1. Sets a good example.
  2. Explains the reasons for instructions & procedures.
  3. Helps team members polish their thoughts before they present them to others.
  4. Is objective about things.
  5. Lets team members make own decisions.
  6. Cares about team members & how they are doing.
  7. Does not seek the limelight.
  8. Won't let team members give up.
  9. Gives personal guidance & direction, especially when team members learn something new.
  10. Is empathetic & understanding.
  11. Is firm but fair.
  12. Keeps a results orientation.
  13. Makes team members work out most of their own problems or tough situations.
  14. Lets team members know where they stand.
  15. Listens exceptionally well.
  16. Doesn't put words in team members mouth.
  17. Is easy to talk with.
  18. Keeps the promises s/he makes.
  19. Keeps team members focused on the goals ahead.
  20. Works as hard or harder than anyone else.
  21. Is humble.
  22. Is proud of those managers s/he has developed.
  23. Gives credit where credit is due.
  24. Never says "I told you so.".
  25. Corrects team members performance in private.
  26. Never flaunts authority.
  27. Is always straight-forward.
  28. Gives at least a second chance.
  29. Maintains an open door policy.
  30. Uses language that is easy to understand.
  31. Inspires loyalty.
  32. Really wants to hear team members ideas & acts on them.
  33. Lets team members set their own deadlines.
  34. Celebrates successes.
  35. Is open & honest.
  36. Doesn't hide bad news.
  37. Gives team members enough time to prepare for discussion.
  38. Is enthusiastic.
  39. Follows through.
  40. Is patient.
  41. Wants team members to "stretch" their skills.
  42. Gives team members his/her full attention during discussions & won't be distracted.
  43. Has a sense of humor.
  44. Handles disagreements privately.
  45. Reassures team members.
  46. Makes team members feel confident.
  47. Tells team members the "whole story.".
  48. Says "we" instead of "I".
  49. Makes hard work worth it.
  50. Can communicate annoyance without running wild.
  51. Is courageous.
  52. Insists on training.
  53. Is a stabilizing influence in a crisis.
  54. Gets everyone involved.
  55. Wants team members to be successful.
  56. Is optimistic.
  57. Operates well under pressure or in a rapidly changing environment.
  58. Has a reputation for competence with his/her own peers.
  59. Has a good understanding of the job.
  60. Is tough & tender.
  61. Believes we can do it, Sets attainable milestones.
  62. Communicates philosophy & values.
  63. Is perceptive; doesn't believe that everything needs to be spelled out.
  64. Has a strong sense of urgency.
  65. Preserves the individuality of his/her team members.
  66. Thinks & operates at a level above that expected.
  67. Wants to make the organization the best in the industry.
  68. Is willing to act on intuition; believes feelings are facts.
  69. Empowers team members.
  70. Is there when we need her/him.
  71. Enjoys his/her job.
  72. Likes to spend time with team members.


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