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Rock & Roll With Http Level Testing

Article written bySreenivas Mothukuru

In continuation to my previous topic (My approach towards automation)
There are many tools available on web to test at http level. However, I explored Web Inject tool and found the tool very handy & simple to impliment http level testing.
Follow below steps to run http level tests to check form validations and apache redirections for web site.
1) Download “ - MS Windows Executable + Source Code” from location).

2) Un-zip “” and copy folder to some drive/location.
3) In Config.xml (within Web Inject folder), replace entire content with ********************************************************
******************************************************** 4) Create a file named “sampleTest.xml” (within Web Inject folder) and copy below content to the file. ***********************************…

Is it an ATTITUDE or qualification that matters?

Article written bySreenivas Mothukuru

A few days back I went to a roadside stall with my friends. We all had Pani Puri and Mirchi Bajji. Stuff was very delicious; we all appreciated the stall owner for maintaining good quality. During the conversation with the shop owner, I was surprised to know that the person who is preparing/serving Pani Puri and Mirchi Bajji is an Engineering graduate! In another incident, while I was on my way to airport (Dubai trip) my cab driver was curious about my company and my work. When I asked the reason for his curiousness he slowly said that he is an engineering graduate, working part time as a cab driver and searching for jobs. These incidents made me think about the education system, any value added by bachelor/master degrees, opportunities within corporate offices, competency level with the so called degrees at workplace, etc. Does a mere bachelor or masters degree add value to a person’s profile? Do the emerging Graduates really have the potential to …