My Ideas & Initiatives

Shared Following Business Ideas:
1) Family Connections:

2) Referral Program: 

3) Open Identity: 

4) Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday: 

5) Feature on NRUHP:

6) Feature on Message Center: 

7) Slam Book:

8) Add Intellegence to the application:

Initiated Following Team Building Activities:
9) Pot Luck:
The term "party" or "treat" is very familiar to our team members, as we all like to spend good time during get-together. In fact, get-together parties will give us a break from the routine office work. Whenever we think about treats/parties, some or other restaurants are our choice. Due to this, we never got an opportunity to taste/share the delicious food prepared at our home (with our team). With Potluck event we were able to share the food prepared at home with team members. I organized Potluck event in the year 2008 and 2009 at office, ~20 members participated in 2008 and ~60 members in 2009. Both events went well. Thanks to all teams for making this event a grand success. Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success :-)

10) Who You Are Makes A Difference: The article @page#19 i.e. "Who You Are Makes A Difference" from the book titled "Chicken Soup for the Soul" (presented by Bala, Vice President, UOL on 5 years completion) inspired me to do this @workplace and with my friends. If you are inspired / motivated by your colleagues, team members, boss, friends, etc. please take some time and acknowledge him/her in your own words. The purpose of this is to "acknowledge the worth and importance of others, Communicate with compassion, acknowledgment and love, Empower and support dreams and Make a difference where we live, work and learn".

11) Rypple (Feedback Tool): Rypple is a social performance platform built for teams to share goals, recognize great work, and help each other improve. I used Rypple at workplace to get the feedback on me / my work /my approach towards getting things done, etc,. In fact, the tool helped me in knowing Where I went wrong, Where I performed well, What to stop and What to continue.

12) "Innovative Portrait Photography" Competition: This is a fun filled team activity where team members can participate by taking his/her photograph in an innovative way. "Selfy" Kind of photos. Surprisingly, team members went to the edge of innovation and shared nice photographs.

Activities to Sharpen Technical Skills:
13) Tech Luck: Inspired by Potluck I came up with “Techluck” concept. Techluck is a game where each team member will select on topic (technical / non- technical) from the list of available topics and share knowledge / information with entire team. The person who presents a topic will get some points based on the topic selected, the way topic is presented, etc. “Techluck” program went for a year and all team members got benefitted by playing the game.

14) Http Level Testing: There are number of tools available for testing web application and web services. In web application individual system components which have HTTP interfaces (JSP, ASP, CGI, PHP, AJAX, Servlets, HTML Forms, XML/SOAP Web Services, REST, etc) can be effectively tested at Http level. Form validations, basic functionality, apache redirections, etc. test cases can be used as a test harness to create a suite of [HTTP level] automated functional, acceptance, and regression tests. I tried running a few tests both at browser and http level, interestingly observed that tests at http level are 70% more efficient compared to the tests at browser level.

15) ACTS (Advanced Combinatorial Testing System): I explored Advanced Combinatorial Testing System to generate test cases for some projects and found the tool very helpful. ACTS tool generates test sets that ensure t-way coverage of input parameter values; includes support for constraints and variable-strength tests. ACTS can compute tests for 2-way through 6-way interactions.

16) Impact of encoded values in POST request: Most of the application servers take long time to decode and process the request which have encoded values in it. After removing encoded values in the post request the tests ran 22 times faster compared with the tests having encoded values.

17) Wings of Wisdom (WoW): Any team is a combination of people with various skill sets and different work experiences. However, it doesn't matter how many competent employees a company have unless they come out and share their knowledge or wisdom with others. It is not about sharing knowledge about Java or SQL ... It's all about learning from others experiences (i.e. what worked well and what didn't). The purpose of "WoW" is to push senior staff to share their rich worth sharing incidents or experiences within specified time (15 minutes) with others. At the max four members can share their experiences in an hour. This way people who attend the talk will know new concepts / ideas / solutions in an hour. If some listeners are interested to know further they can meet the presenter offline. This event can happen once every month / quarter / once or twice a year. The frequency of the event will largely depends on team member's learning curve at office and "willing to share" attitude. The more team members learn (year after year) the more will be frequency of such events. If nobody come forward then we can assume that either team members are not learning much or not willing to share with others (which is a serious problem). After all "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success".

Other Initiatives at Office:
18) 100% Automation on automatable cases (using Selenium KDF).

19) Test Driven Development (using Selenium Framework).

20) CM_User_Activity: Did some research on CM users/visitors demography in US and Canada with respect to Zip Codes in Q1 and Q2 quarters (2012). Suggested business owners to target places which have passive user activity so as to increase over all user base and user activity.

21) The Great Game of Business (by Jack Stack): I'm very impressed by Jack Stack's "The Great Game of Business" idea. Till now I didn't get the time and opportunity to implement the idea at workplace. However, I'm waiting for the right time to put the principles into practice.

22) "Account Search" Tool: Web interface to search for CM accounts for testing needs.

23) “”: Registered a domain named ‘msreeni’ and configured it to my blogger account. Type ‘’ ... what you see is what I post … What I post is what I feel … what I feel is what I experience).

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