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How QA Matrix Meet Dev Metric?

Article written by   Sreenivas Mothukuru Most recently our team has received a user story from Product Owner (PO) where in we are asked to compare the records in excel sheet with the data in MySQL database to look for the matching records. At first glance the requirement sounds pretty simple and for a few minutes I was in an impression that the task can be done quickly. Now the million dollar question is "When the requirement is so simple ... what made PO delegate the task to our team?" This question encouraged me to revisit and review the user story requirements in detail. Then I understood that we need to compare each record from Excel sheet (i.e., ~1200 records) with the data in MySQL table (i.e., ~ 190,00,000 records ) to look for the matching records. In brief, this task demands enormous comparisons to get desired result. One of the solutions is to pick each record one by one from Excel sheet and query MySQL database. This way most of the comparison wil

Personal Branding Checklist for 2012

Your guide to getting your branding strategy in order for the New Year. It’s time to get your personal brand upgraded for 2012. We live in a day and time where first impressions are everything, so you want to make sure you put your best foot forward—especially if you’re trying to be successful in business for the New Year. The first interaction that most people will have with you will be online so we’re going to walk you through a personal brand checklist to get you on the right path for 2012 and beyond. Category I: Personal Brand Building 1.       Identify your passion 2.       Identify your skills, talents and interest 3.       Establish your elevator pitch 4.       Identity your business values (i.e. this is important for aligning yourself with career options and employers that are a good strategic fit) 5.       Establish your niche and own it: a.        Write a detailed description of the specific niche you want to own 6.       Establish your Brand Promise (what