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My Last Working Day at UOL

“Last Working Day” User Story ( inspired by Agile )*: Description: As a Team Leader, I would like to move on with the rich experience & exposure gained here at UOL, so that I can improve self  and the following company  substantially   over a period of time. Acceptance Criteria: 1) Meet and greet people. 2) Acknowledge present and past colleagues with whom I worked. 3) Complete all relieving formalities. 4) Send this email L 5) Pick personal belongings and leave the office premise. * ’ User Story’ is equivalent to Software Requirement Specifications in traditional software development models. My career at UOL started as Member Technical in Production Engineering team (maintenance projects), continued with Senior Quality Engineer in Strategic team (long term projects) and now as Team Leader in Agile teams (Scrum & Kanban). After a long time (i.e. close to 10 years at UOL) ... I made up my mind and decided to move on for better prospects in my profession

My Experience during performance appraisal

Last year, after my performance appraisal I went to my big BOSS's office and seriously asked "what is that I SHOULD do to get 'E = Exceeds Expectations' in my performance appraisal?”. My big BOSS smiled and gently replied "if you DO what I ask you to DO then you will again meet my expectations!" and discussion continued for a while. In deed, it was a healthy discussion. Moral:  a) When in doubt meet your mentor and discuss thinks clearly. Who knows, your interest to ask questions will help you find correct answers. b) Don’t work for getting M (Meets Expectations) or E (Exceeds Expectations) or F (Far Exceeds Expectations) in performance appraisals. Know your strengths, bring out your hidden talent or worth; contribute as much as possible keeping organization goals in mind, without losing focus on individual’s career goals. After all … your work speaks and appraisal follows, leaving no choice to your manager.

Misconceptions that Indians have about India

1.      That we are the most cultured country on the planet 2.      That we are not racists 3.      That Hindi is our national language 4.      That Hockey is our national sport 5.      That we are a democracy in essence 6.      That one vote doesn’t matter 7.      That if you are an IITian, you are the best Engineer 8.      That if you are an IIMite, you are the best manager 9.      That all politicians are corrupt 10.   That all cops are dishonest 11.   That none of the government officials work 12.   That we worship and respect women 13.   That it’s okay to litter anywhere and it is not an offence in India 14.   That sex shouldn’t be discussed 15.   That eventually we’ll become the economic and military superpower 16.   That bribing is not a crime 17.   That god punishes the culprits someday 18.   That all South Indians are intellectual but boring people 19.   That all North Indians are dim witted but interesting people 20.   That Entrepreneur