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My Last Working Day at UOL

“Last Working Day” User Story (inspired by Agile)*: Description: As a Team Leader, I would like to move on with the rich experience & exposure gained here at UOL, so that I can improve self and the following company substantiallyover a period of time.
Acceptance Criteria: 1) Meet and greet people. 2) Acknowledge present and past colleagues with whom I worked. 3) Complete all relieving formalities. 4) Send this email L 5) Pick personal belongings and leave the office premise.
* ’ User Story’ is equivalent to Software Requirement Specifications in traditional software development models.
My career at UOL started as Member Technical in Production Engineering team (maintenance projects), continued with Senior Quality Engineer in Strategic team (long term projects) and now as Team Leader in Agile teams (Scrum & Kanban). After a long time (i.e. close to 10 years at UOL) ... I made up my mind and decided to move on for better prospects in my professional career. Today is my last working day…