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Ways to evenly engage Testers and enforce discipline throughout the Sprint

Quite often I see Agile teams where Test Engineers sit relatively idle during initial days of sprint and struggle hard to complete testing tasks towards the end of sprint. Although Scrum teams follow Agile principles and practices, still at times, teams experience huge delays in Development and Testing which result in spill over of user stories to next sprint or delay in release dates. Typically, Test Engineers focus on following activities during the first few days: 1.        Understanding User Stories 2.        Write Sprint Test Plan 3.        Authoring Test Cases 4.        Follow up on approvals (Test Plan & Test Cases) Test Engineers are supposed to allocate initial 20-25% of sprint duration for the above mentioned tasks and then start Test Execution & Reporting. Mostly, Test Engineers author Test Plan, Test Cases and wait till Programmers deliver code for testing. The problem becomes even worse when majority of functionality is deployed to Test Environment to