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What Makes You Hot Cake In Job Market

Article written by   Sreenivas Mothukuru "Birthday" ... no matter who the person is & what he does ... a day which makes him feel good is his/her birthday. There is no doubt about it (unless the person is pissed off with life!). When it comes to celebrations most of the people celebrate their birthday by distributing chocolates and by cutting cake. I've done this during my school days and have been doing this ever since I joined my current office. Sharing chocos with others on birthday is very common behavior observed in then and current generation. Now, you might be thinking "what kind of article is this?" or "what is there in Sreeni's mind?", etc. Let me share my interesting observation ... Case 1: One of my friends brought 120 chocos for 100 people (20 chocos excess) on his birthday, after the distribution is complete not many chocos were left. It was a perfect estimation! Case 2: Next time, another friend on her birthday