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How Bad Economy Bridges Gap Between Nations?

Article written by   Sreenivas Mothukuru Is it “Sun rises in the east and sets in the west” or "Son(/daughter) raises in the east and settles in the west" or "Son(/daughter) raises in the west and settles in the east” ? "Sun rises in the east and sets in the west” is the known fact. Nobody can deny it and there is nothing new to blog on it. In general, most of the people living in Asian (eastern) countries feel that America is the destination of quality life, dominant technologies, bubbling opportunities, source of unimaginable income, blah, blah, blah. From the last 2 decades I have seen many young Indian graduates going to western countries (USA) in the name of higher education and eventually making a living by finding some or other jobs. This behavior or trend made me rewrite my earlier statement to "Son(/daughter) raises in the east and settles in the west". Now the situation is different and scene is reversed. USA, which is one of the wo

Ever tried adding 2K+ comments to an article?

A few days back I encountered a strange behavior while working on an issue which I feel worth sharing.  The test case is to check comments section when number of comments for an article are ‘n-1’, ‘n’ and ‘n+1’ (where n = 2000,  3000, etc.). My goal is to identify the point where the comment section breaks in lower environment with ‘n’ comments. I queried QA database and didn’t find much data to check all scenarios. Now my challenge is to quickly create dummy data in QA environment to identify the point where comment section breaks.  How to quickly add bulk comments to an article? To do this there are several approaches … some of them are a)   Add entries (comments) manually till required number of comments were added. Cons: Clumsy and time taking process. b)   Write DB scripts to populate numerous records on one go. Pros: Quick and efficient. Cons: This approach works in most of the cases but not always. Also, it doesn’t seem to work when lot of tables re involved

My Approach Towards Automation

Article written by   Sreenivas Mothukuru Anybody can develop software applications but only QA can better test and certify applications. During QA validation test engineers perform various types of tests to ensure developed application is as per the requirements/specifications. The tests include manual checks to some extent and automation then onwards. Now days the term "automation" has gained lot of significant in Software Industry. Most of the Software professional’s know automaton as some kind of testing done at browser level. At Browser level automation QA engineers automate repetitive tasks and test operations performed on the web browser. Test Engineers have to constantly adapt and modify the script if the web page layout changes. Good number of tools such as QTP, Silk Test, Selenium, etc. support automation. But, are we doing good job testing web applications only at browser level? The answer is   NO . This approach is like taking same pill for any illness! Cho


CHAPTER FOURTEEN & FIFTEEN Chapter 16 1.        The heart of a woman is not united; it is divided. While she is talking with one man, she looks lustfully at another and thinks fondly of a third in her heart. 2.       The fool ( mudha ) who fancies that a charming young lady loves him, becomes her slave and he dances like a shakuntal bird tied to a string. 3.       Who is there who, having become rich, has not become proud? Which licentious (Free) man has put an end to his calamities (A grievous disaster)? Which man in this world has not been overcome by a woman? Who is always loved by the king? Who is there who has not been overcome by the ravages of time? Which beggar has attained glory? Who has become happy by contracting the vices of the wicked? 4.       A man attains greatness by his merits, not simply by occupying an exalted seat. Can we call a crow an eagle ( garuda ) simply because he sits on the top of a tall building. 5.       The man who is praised by others


  CHAPTER TWELVE & THIRTEEN                  CHAPTER SIXTEEN & SEVENTEEN Chapter 14 1.     Poverty, disease, sorrow, imprisonment and other evils are the fruits borne by the tree of one's own sins. 2.     Wealth, a friend, a wife, and a kingdom may be regained; but this body when lost may never be acquired again. 3.     The enemy can be overcome by the union of large numbers, just as grass through its collectiveness wards off erosion caused by heavy rainfall. 4.     Oil on water, a secret communicated to a base man, a gift given to a worthy receiver, and scriptural instruction given to an intelligent man spread out by virtue of their nature. 5.     If men should always retain the state of mind they experience when hearing religious instruction, when present at a crematorium ground, and when in sickness -- then who could not attain liberation. 6.     If a man should feel before, as he feels after, repentance -- then who would not attain perfection? 7.