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Guide To Get Things Done

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Competency Based Interview Questions

Competency Based Interview Questions
(How Many Can You Answer?)
Core Competencies Adaptability •Tell me about a time when you changed your priorities to meet others' expectations. •Describe a time when you altered your own behaviour to fit the situation. •Tell me about a time when you had to change your point of view or your plans to take into account new information or changing priorities. Client Focus •Give an example of how you provided service to a client/stakeholder beyond their expectations. How did you identify the need? How did you respond? •Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a client/stakeholder service issue. •Describe a situation in which you acted as an advocate within your organization for your stakeholder’s needs, where there was some organizational resistance to be overcome. Communication •Describe a situation you were involved in that required a multi-dimensional communication strategy. •Give an example of a difficult or sensitive situation that required extensive c…

Different Types of Leadership

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What Happens When Waterfall on Agile (Scrum)?

Article written by Sreenivas Mothukuru
1)Ignore tools and look for reasons:
Instead of using / appreciating the features which specialized tools provide teams start overlooking the tools and complain about the features. 2)Result in “over commitment” or “under commitment” or “as per the commitment”:
Due to point 1, team members pull user stories based on their gut feeling. This might result in a) over commitment b) under commitment c) as per the commitment at the end of the sprint. 3)User stories will be de-scoped from the Sprint:
Due to point 1 & 2, teams commit for 'N' user stories and complete N - n (n = 0 to N). In every sprint pulling user stories out will gradually impact the confidence level of scrum teams and decrease team's velocity. 4)Lose focus on Quality:
Sometimes team run after doing more ... more ... more and finally lose focus on the quality. 5)Sudden surprise during sprint period:
User stories will creep into Sprint backlog and create sudden surprise to the …