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Smart Way to Identify Test Cases

Article written bySreenivas Mothukuru

Software testing is an important activity during software development life cycle. In general, Testing process consists of a) identifying test cases, b) executing test cases and c) analyzing test cases. Test execution and Test Analysis largely depend on the set of test cases. Identifying test cases for testing is always a challenging job. For any application under test (AUT) the key factors which either make or break software application is identifying correct set of cases at right time. As complexity and size of software system grows, scope of testing will increase proportionally.

Let us look at a few questions ...
1) Why do some software/hardware applications fail in fields such as medical, aeronautical, banking, insurance, etc.?
2) What causes software failures (logical errors, inadequate validation, interaction faults*, integration issues, not handling exceptions, etc.)?
3) Is there a better way to anticipate such failure scenarios in the early sta…

Who You Are Makes A Difference

Article written bySreenivas Mothukuru

The article "Who You Are Makes A Difference" from the book titled "Chicken Soup for the Soul" (presented by Bala, Vice President, UOL on 5 years completion) inspired me to acknowledge my colleagues at workplace and friends.
If you are inspired / motivated by your colleagues, team members, boss, etc. please take some time and acknowledge him / her in your own words (using below template). The purpose of this is to "acknowledge the worth and importance of others, Communicate with compassion, acknowledgment and love, Empower and support dreams and Make a difference where we live, work and learn".

"Who You Are Makes A Difference"
Hey <Name>,

"I admire/appreciate you beca…

Rest In Peace Dennis Ritchie

"Rest In Peace, Dennis Ritchie"- Sreenivas Mothukuru

Rest In Peace Steve

"Rest In Peace, Steve"- Sreenivas Mothukuru