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TAXI OR CAB SERVICES AT HYDERABAD Hyderabad has numerous number of Taxi and Cab services which usually runs round the clock. There are few big ones like Meru,Skycabs and others which also offers dedicated service from the Airport and many other private players which have a limited set of cabs. With Autowallahs not ready to go by meter , many people book Cabs in advance to avoid the hassle. Also the Traffic police now a days are cracking hard on the drunk drivers with their random checks which has resulted in party goers going back by a Cab while returning home. With the biggest gala of the all parties coming up with New Year  , its going to get difficult to get a Cab on 31st December and we decided to list out few Cab services which are available across Hyderabad. Feel free to add if we missed the good ones and we will update it. These are the CAB operators which give Point to Point service. Many other packages are available with these operators for which you can call and ask. Da

Tribute to Nirbhaya!

Twitter @wild_pepper: "In a real sense, India has died a thousand deaths today. In her death, she lives. In her death, India lives with shame. RIP #nirbhaya" Let us pray that no other girl in this world will ever face the brutality and the inhuman act that Nirbhaya suffered leading to her painful death. I salute to her bravery and strength she showed for the past 13 days. I am paying tribute to her by not celebrating the New Year's Eve and appeal to my friends & family to Boycott Republic Day to show some form of tribute, respect and anger in observation of Nirbhaya's death. Everyone can feel the pain and misery Nirbhaya went through if you could associate her to your mother or sister. "Yes, a sensible and peaceful way to express your anger is "boycott." Mahatma Gandhi shook the British empire through "non cooperation." Which means, do not go to India Gate on 26 January to hear the prime minister's speech (does he really speak

Kudos "Hyderabad Traffic Police & Control Room"

Written by   Sreenivas Mothukuru Yesterday (30th November), when I was returning back from office along with my brother a Traffic Constable at Narayanguda stopped me and asked me to keep my bike (Honda Activa) aside. [My brother bought Honda Activa recently, it has Temporary Registration (T/R) number on it and I was driving the vehicle]. When asked, I showed my driving license (LMV Non Transport & Motor Cycle With Gear) and T/R. Bad thing is … T/R got expired a few days ago and Permanent Registration number not yet delivered to my house address by RTA. Good thing is … we have Permanent Registration payment slip with us. When asked, I showed Permanent Registration payment slip to the Traffic Constable. After a quick look at all documents the gentleman (Traffic Constable) said that the fine will be around 1000 bucks :( I was totally shocked after looking at the way Traffic Constable responded (even after producing all required documents)! Then I called Hyderab

What Makes You Hot Cake In Job Market

Article written by   Sreenivas Mothukuru "Birthday" ... no matter who the person is & what he does ... a day which makes him feel good is his/her birthday. There is no doubt about it (unless the person is pissed off with life!). When it comes to celebrations most of the people celebrate their birthday by distributing chocolates and by cutting cake. I've done this during my school days and have been doing this ever since I joined my current office. Sharing chocos with others on birthday is very common behavior observed in then and current generation. Now, you might be thinking "what kind of article is this?" or "what is there in Sreeni's mind?", etc. Let me share my interesting observation ... Case 1: One of my friends brought 120 chocos for 100 people (20 chocos excess) on his birthday, after the distribution is complete not many chocos were left. It was a perfect estimation! Case 2: Next time, another friend on her birthday

Zodiac Signs - Know About Yourself

Serial No Sun sign Month 1 ARIES MAN March 21 to April 19 2 ARIES WOMAN March 21 to April 19 3 TAURUS MAN April 20 to May 20 4 TAURUS WOMAN April 20 to May 20 5 PISCES MAN February 19 to March 20 6 PISCES WOMAN February 19 to March 20 7 AQUARIUS MAN January 20 to February 18 8 AQUARIUS WOMAN January 20 to February 18 9 CAPRICORN MAN December 22 to January 19 10 CAPRICORN WOMAN December 22 to January 19 11 GEMINI MAN May 21 to June 2